How to write an abstract

How to write an abstract

Insights And Future Developments - A review of Early Years Education Focused Inspection: April 2016-June 2017

Insights And Future Developments - A review of Early Years Education Focused Inspection: April 2016-June 2017

Ethical Research Involving Children (ERIC)

Taken from their website:

"ERIC aims to assist researchers and the research community to understand, plan and conduct ethical research involving children and young people in any geographical, social, cultural or methodological context.

ERIC is motivated by a shared international concern that the human dignity of children is honoured and their rights and wellbeing are respected in all research, regardless of context. The critically important element in achieving this is YOU – your attitudes, values, beliefs, assumptions and practice – since these ultimately shape the research experience for children much more than any written procedures or checklist.

Many researchers report feeling isolated in their research activities, despite the increasing emphasis placed on the value, importance and legitimacy of research that captures the views and perspectives of children and young people. This sense of isolation is increased when it comes to making informed decisions about complex ethical and methodological issues.

This ERIC website has been specifically designed to provide a rich repository of information and resources to assist researchers, and guide and improve research involving children. It also aims to encourage critical reflection, dialogue and collegiality within and across the international research community.

We hope you will find this website useful in reflecting on your research and the children and young people involved. We warmly welcome your comments, suggestions and contributions."

To go to their website click HERE


Create an Anti Bias Environment with Diverse Resources & Toys

Russian Cathedral Architectural Building Blocks

Creating an environment that offers all children an inclusive experience whilst simultaneously creating opportunities to engage in diverse play with resources that offer an insight into different cultures, abilities, families, or ways of life can often be hard for services. Some websites we would recommend researching include:


Below, we offer a range of resources and toys that may help with that hunt to create an Anti-Bias environment. Clickable links to find more information and purchase the resources are offered below each item:


(1) Anatomically Correct Dolls 

Anatomically Correct Dolls


(2) La Baby Asian Washable Soft Body Play Doll For Children 

Asian Baby Doll


(3) La Baby Hispanic Washable Soft Body Play Doll 

Hispanic Baby Doll


(4)  La Baby 11-inch African American Washable Soft Body Play Doll 

African American Doll


(5) Lottie Dolls Bundle (Irish Company) 

• Muddy Puddles Lottie Doll

• Kite Flyer Finn Boy Doll

• Forest Friend Lottie Doll

• School Days Lottie Doll

• Autumn Leaves Lottie Doll

Lottie Dolls Bundle


(6) Indian Doll 

Indian Doll Girl


(7) Indian Doll

Indian Doll Boy


(8) Boy Doll With Downs Syndrome With Dark Hair

Doll with Downs Syndrome


(9) Budkins Grandparents Set

Grandparents Doll Set


(10) Click n' Play Doll Wheelchair and Crutches Set, Perfect For 18 inch dolls

Doll Wheelchair and Crutches Set


(11) Friends with Diverse Abilities Figure Set

Diverse Abilities Doll Set


(12) Traditional African Outfit 

Doll Clothing Traditional African Boy


(13) Traditional African Outfit (dress) 

Doll Clothing Traditional Afrian Girl Dress


(14) Traditional Asian Outfit 

Doll Clothing Traditional Asian Boy


(15) Traditional Asian Outfit 

Doll Clothing Traditonal Asian Girl


(16) Traditional Oriental Outfit 

Traditional Oriental Doll Clothing


(17) Somali Traditional Dress Clothing 

Somali Doll Clothing


(18) Sari Doll Clothing 

Doll Clothing - Sari


(19) Multicultural Dolls Clothes 

Multicultural Dolls Clothes Set


(20) Model India Tuk Tuk / Autorickshaw / Rickshaw Taxi

Toy Autorickshaw



Toy Tuk Tuk Vehicle


(22) Le Toy Van New York Car Set

New York Car Set


(23) Le Toy Van London Car set 

London Toy Car Set


(24) Melissa & Doug® Sushi Slicing Wooden Play Food Set

Sushi Slicing Food Set


(25) KidKraft® Shabbat Set

Shabbat Set


(26) Learning Resources Multicultural Food Set

Multicultural Food Set


(27) Melissa & Doug® Roll, Wrap & Slice Sushi Counter

Japanese Sushi Counter


(28) KidKraft® Chanukah Set

Play Chanukah Set


(29) HABA Russian Cathedral Architectural Wooden Building Blocks - 55 Piece Set

Russian Cathedral Architectural Building Blocks


(30) HABA Middle Eastern Wooden Architectural Building Blocks - 50 Piece Set

Middle Eastern Wooden Architectural Building Blocks


(31) Lego City Bus Station 

Accessible Lego Bus Station


(32) American Girl Diabetes kit  

Toy Diabetes Care Kit


(33) Star Gazer Lottie Doll

 Star Gazer Lottie Doll


(34) Our Generation Professional Doctor Doll 

Professional Doctor Doll


(35) This is where we had hoped to put the male dolls dressed in attire traditionally associated with female dominated professions to counter-balance the female dolls dressed as scientists, doctors, pilots etc. but we couldn't find any. We would appreciate it if our members could please email us if they know of any such dolls available to purchase. This makes us wonder about the messages we are giving to boys as well as the messages we are giving to girls… We feel a blog coming on!


10 Children's Books that deal with Bereavement

On the Wings of a Butterfly by Belinda Messer

Ten children's books that deal with differing aspects of bereavement and death. Click on the link underneath the book titles to find a description of the book and where to purchase it:

(1) Missing Mummy : A Book About Bereavement By Rebecca Cobb

Missing Mummy


(2) The Memory Tree By Britta Teckentrup

The Memory Tree


(3)  A Place in My Heart By  Annette Aubrey , Illustrated by  Patrice Barton

A Place in My Heart


(4) Where's Jess: For Children Who Have a Brother or Sister Die by Marvin Johnson 

Where's Jess


(5) The Invisible String by Patrice Karst 

The Invisible String


(6) When Grandma Climbed the Magic Ladder by Priya Narayanan  

When Grandma Climbed the Magic Ladder


(7) I'll Always Love You by Hans Wilhelm 

I'll Always Love You


(8) The Goodbye Book by Todd Parr

The Goodbye Book


(9) I Miss You by Pat Thomas

I Miss You


(10) On the Wings of a Butterfly by Belinda Messer, illustrated by Jessica Smith 

On the Wings of a Butterfly






30 Children's Books about Families, Homes, & Home-Life

All Kind of Families by Mary Ann Hoberman

30 Children’s books that address the many different types of families, homes and home-life that children in Ireland may experience. These books and the conversations they would provoke underpin the theme of Identity and Belonging within Aistear the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework (NCCA, 2009):


(1) The Family Book By  Todd Parr


(2) Mommy, Mama and Me By   Leslea Newman , Illustrated by  Carol Thompson


(3) Daddy, Papa and Me By  Leslea Newman , Illustrated by  Carol Thompson


(4) The Great Big Book of Families Illustrated by  Ros Asquith , By Mary Hoffman


(5) Two Homes By Claire Masurel , Illustrated by  Kady MacDonald Denton


(6) Living with Mum and Living with Dad: My Two Homes By  Melanie Walsh


(7) Who's in a Family? By  Robert Skutch


(8) Who's In My Family? : All About Our Families By Robie H. Harris , Illustrated by  Nadine Bernard Westcott


(9) Why Don't I Have A Daddy? By George Anne Clay , Illustrated by  Lisa Krebs


(10) Somy's Search By Carmen Martinez-Jover , Illustrated by Rosemary Martinez


(11) Waiting for Baby Illustrated by  Rachel Fuller


(12) Look at Me! Illustrated by  Rachel Fuller


(13) I'm a Big Sister By Joanna Cole  &  Rosalinda Kightley


(14) I'm a Big Brother By Joanna Cole , Illustrated by  Rosalinda Kightley


(15) All Kinds of Families! By Mary Ann Hoberman , Illustrated by  Marc Boutavant


(16) All Families are Special By Norma Simon , Illustrated by  Teresa Flavin


(17) Heather Has Two Mummies By  Leslea Newman , Illustrated by  Laura Cornell


(18) Stella Brings the Family : A Tale of Two Dads on Mother's Day By Miriam B. Schiffer  & Holly Clifton-Brown


(19) My New Family : A First Look at Adoption By  Pat Thomas , Illustrated by  Lesley Harker


(20) I Wished for You: An Adoption Story By  Marianne Richmond


(21) The Day We Met You By Phoebe Koehler


(22) I Don't Have Your Eyes By  Carrie A Kitze , Illustrated by  Rob Williams


(23) Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale By  Karen Katz


(24) Robert Lives with His Grandparents By  Martha Whitmore Hickman , Illustrated by  Tim Hinton


(25) Sometimes It's Grandmas and Grandpas : Not Mommies and Daddies By  Gayle Byrne , Illustrated by  Mary Haverfield


(26) Home : A Collaboration of Thirty Distinguished Authors and Illustrators of Children's Books to Aid the Homeless By  Michael J. Rosen  & Franz Brandenberg , Illustrated by  Aliki


(27) Sitti's Secrets By Naomi Shihab Nye , Illustrated by  Nancy Carpenter


(28) My name is not Refugee by Kate Milner

My Name is not Refugee


(29) Colour of Home by Mary Hoffman 

Colour of Home


(30) The Journey by Francesca Sanna

The Journey


Books 1-27 available from The Book Depositary:

The Book Depository


Books 28-30 have individual links under them. 


Managing Chronic Health Conditions at School

A resource pack for teachers and parents developed in 2014. Very helpful resource including sections on how to manage:

- Asthma

- Diabetes

- Epilepsy

- Anaphylaxis

It is recommended to always check a child's medical records and their G.P's advice to make sure recommendations and practices are up to date.

Resource pack available on Epilepsy Ireland's website. Click here to access it.


60 Books to add Diversity to your Pre-School Library

Rapunzel Retold by Rachel Isadora

If you were to conduct an anti-bias audit of your preschool library how would you fare? First, take out all books that don't feature humans. How many books are left? 


Now take out the books that only feature white or English-speaking characters. How many books are left? 


Finally, take out the books that highlight only religious or cultural difference. How many books are left? 


Do you have any books in languages other than English or Gaeilge? Do you have any books that feature alphabets other than the Roman / Latin alphabet?


What's left?


Often, we think of our books or libraries as sources of diversity and inclusion in our classrooms but they can often (unknowingly) be tokenistic and serve to "other" minorities within the class group or whole sections of society outside of the Western World. We can tend to do this if we see our libraries and books as a source for children to "see themselves" represented in the class whereas the purpose should be turned on its head so that all children receive messages of diversity. 


Children could be encouraged to bring a book a week home to share with their parents that feature a different culture, race, ethnicity, or language that isn't representative of their own lives to provoke conversations at home as well as in school.


Here is a list of 60 books that both explicitly and implicitly help us to offer diversity in the reading material we offer young children: 



(1) Little People, Big Dreams series - Female stories (Marie Curie, Rosa Parks etc)


(2) This is Hong Kong from the This is... series by Miroslav Sasek 


(3) Who's In My Family? : All About Our Families By Robie H. Harris , Illustrated by  Nadine Bernard Westcott


(4) We All Sing With the Same Voice By J. Philip Miller & Sheppard M. Greene , Illustrated by  Paul Meisel


(5) Now I am Big! By  Stephen Krensky , Illustrated by  Sara Gillingham


(6) Wangari's Trees of Peace: A True Story from Africa By Jeanette Winter


(7) I Know a Lot! By Stephen Krensky , Illustrated by  Sara Gillingham


(8) Walk This World By  Jenny Broom , Illustrated by  Lotta Nieminen


(9) Lighting a Lamp : A Divali Story By Jonny Zucker , Illustrated by  Jan Barger Cohen


(10) Moira's Birthday By  Robert Munsch , Illustrated by  Michael Martchenko


(11) Everyone Matters : A First Look at Respect for Others By Pat Thomas CMI , Illustrated by  Lesley Harker


(12) Throw Your Tooth on the Roof By Selby Beeler


(13) My First Ramadan By Karen Katz


(14) Hush! a Thai Lullaby By Minfong Ho


(15) Global Baby Girls By  The Global Fund for Children


(16) Wait and See By Robert Munsch , Illustrated by  Michael Martchenko


(17) Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks By  Margaret Sutherland , Illustrated by  Sonja Lamut


(18) The Land I Lost : Adventures of a Boy in Vietnam By Huynh Quang Nhuong


(19) Ride on Mother's Back By  Emery Bernhard


(20) All Families are Special By Norma Simon , Illustrated by  Teresa Flavin


(21) Hear Your Heart By Paul Showers & Holly Keller


(22) Green Start: Little Helpers By Ikids


(23) What We Wear By Maya Ajmera  & Elise Hofer Derstine


(24) Hassan and Aneesa Go to Masjid By Yasmeen Rahim , Illustrated by  Omar Burgess


(25) Passage To Freedom: The Sugihara Story By Ken Mochizuki


(26) Manners with a Library Book By Amanda Doering Tourville , Illustrated by Chris Lensch


(27) A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History By Lynne Cherry


(28) I Can Say Bismillah Anywhere! By Yasmin Ibrahim


(29) My Five Senses By  Aliki


(30) My First Book of Hindi Words : An ABC Rhyming Book of Hindi Language and Indian Culture By Rina Singh , Illustrated by  Farida Zaman


(31) Stand Tall By Cheri Meiners  & Elizabeth Allen


(32) Happy in Our Skin By  Fran Manushkin , Illustrated by  Lauren Tobia


(33) What's in There? : All about Before You Were Born By Robie H Harris , Illustrated by  Nadine Bernard Westcott


(34) My First Bilingual Book - A Day - Korean-english By Milet Publishing


(35) Our Grandparents By The Global Fund for Children


(36) Room for Ripley By Stuart J. Murphy , Illustrated by  Sylvie Wickstrom


(37) Separate is Never Equal: Sylvia Mendez and Her Family's Fight for Desegregation By Duncan Tonatiuh


(38) Learning Body Parts in Maori and English By ahurewa kahukura


(39) My First Chanukah Illustrated by  Tomie DePaola


(40) How a Seed Grows By Helene J. Jordan , Illustrated by  Loretta Krupinski


(41) My First Bilingual Book - Feelings - Bengali-english By Milet Publishing


(42) All Kinds of Children By Norma Simon , Illustrated by  Diane Paterson


(43) Harlem's Little Blackbird By Renee Watson


(44) Drum City By Thea Guidone


(45) Who We Are!: All About Being the Same and Being Different By Harris Robie H  & Bernard Westcott Nadin


(46) How Does Sound Change? By Robin Johnson


(47) Shanyi Goes to China By Sungwan So


(48) While You Are Sleeping By Durga Bernhard


(48) We Like Fruit By Gill Budgell , Series edited by  Cliff Moon , Prepared for publication by  Collins Big Cat


(49) Colors in Polish : Kolory By  Daniel Nunn


(50) Honey Baby Sugar Child by Alice Faye Duncan


(51) Keep Climbing, Girls by Beah E Richards


(52) Rapunzel by Rachel Isadora 


(53) The Princess and the Pea by Rachel Isadora


(54) Sahir Goes to the Dentist By Chris Petty illustrated by Chris Petty


Popular books in other languages and English:


(55) We're Going on a Bear Hunt in Farsi and English By Michael Rosen , Illustrated by  Helen Oxenbury:

We're Going on a Bear Hunt


(56) Eric Carle - French: La chenille qui fait des trous By Jude Watson:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar



The Gruffalo

(58) Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Bilingual) by Eric Carle (Available in many languages):

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?


(59) Farmer Duck (Bilingual) by Martin Waddell illustrated by Helen Oxendale (Available in many languages):

Farmer Duck


(60) Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell (Available in many languages):

Dear Zoo


Take a look at for more resources and ideas: 




10 Welcome Transition Songs

Welcome Songs:

1. The Good Morning Song
2. Hello Hello
3. Hello Hello for Kids 
4. Hello Good Morning 
5. Let's Shake Hands
6. If You're Happy 
7. What's Your Name
8. How Are You Today
9. How's The Weather
10. Hello Hello, Can You Clap Your Hands

Historical & Cultural Evolution of the Montessori Method - Some considerations for Irish Early Years Practice

Matson, S. (2015) 

Published in Childrens Research Digest Volume 2, Issue 2:  Researching Early Childhood

This paper gives a brief overview of the original literature surrounding the Montessori Method, how Montessori used a process of action research to evolve her method, the cultural interpretations or variations of the Method and what implications or opportunities this has for practitioners currently mapping children's learning in Montessori environments with Aistear the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework (NCCA, 2009).

Click here to read the article.

Exploring Parental Attitudes towards Male Early Childhood Educators in the Republic of Ireland Today

King, D. (2015)

Published in Childrens Research Digest Volume 2, Issue 2: Researching Early Childhood

The topic of men working alongside young children in early childhood care and education is impassioned, highly contemporary and topical (Cameron, 2006). It can be emotive because the idea of men caring for our youngest and most vulnerable children has, unfortunately, every so often been linked with accusations of child abuse (Waterhouse, 2000). This short article summarises the results of an exploratory study into attitudes of parents towards men working with young children in a professional capacity. 


Click here to read the article.

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Aistear Síolta Practice Guide

Here is a link to the Aistear Síolta Practice Guide (NCCA, 2015) which was designed to enable the early childhood educator to bring together Aistear: the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework (NCCA, 2009) and Síolta, The National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education (CECDE, 2006) to improve the quality of their professional practice. The practice guide is best used as a critically reflective tool within an early childhood education and care service.

Aistear Siolta Practice-Guide

Aistear: The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework

Developed in 2009 by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment

Aistear: The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework

Síolta The National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education

Developed by the Centre for Early Childhood Development and Education in 2006.


Useful Legislation & Regulation links for ECE

As employees, business owners and managers in Ireland it is important to know all the different pieces of legislation and regulations you need to comply with outside of the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 (which is listed below on the Resources page). Here is an example of some of the legislation, Acts and bodies you should be complying with and may have dealings with; it is by no means exhaustive and it is up to each individual to make sure they keep up to date with the relevant legislation or bodies:



(1) Workplace Relations / Human Resource / Employment Legislation:


**NERA has been replaced with the Workplace Relations Commission Inspectors since Oct 2015**



(2) Health & Safety / Fire Safety:



(3) Maternity:



(4) Data Protection:



(5) Charity Status:



(6) Planning Permission,1601,en.pdf



(7) Food Safety



(8) Equality



Guide to opening a childcare business:


Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016