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17.08.2019 14:51

valerie kelly

Ticks and documents on paper are not real evidence of quality. As experienced working in a hospital, more paperwork does not lead to better quality/safety...just more time away from what matters.

17.08.2019 09:04

Meera Oke

Our study on burn out supports these voices. Current imbalance between effort and reward in the ECEC environment is predicting burnout.. Coping strategies needs to be supported with systemic changes.

17.08.2019 08:05

Helen Hennessy behan

Disgrace 😡

16.08.2019 21:41

Barbara Rothwell

Omg. So soul destroying.. it breaks my heart reading all these comments. There has to be away to sort this mess out. They just cant keep moving the goalposts.. it's gone to far now with these new reg

16.08.2019 20:31


Totally agree after getting my degree and working in childcare 7 years I am finding it more and more stressful and looking into other jobs with a heavy heart.

16.08.2019 20:11

Mary Helen O'Brien

Excellent write up and frightfully true.

16.08.2019 17:04

Barbara Christopher

Breaks my heart reading those posts as it’s quite possible I’m coming to a close as well. I left a stressful job to join the childcare profession but now I think my last job was a walk in the park.