Jacinta Richard Manuel

Principal Pre-Primary



2nd July 2020

As we all know that nearly at the end of February alarm bell began to sound on growing spread of Covid-19. And soon we all landed up in lockdown situation which led to close down all the schools, colleges and other educational institutions impacting almost a million of students across the world.

Taking this situation into consideration, we at Acharya Shree Vijay Vallabh School didn’t let this time go off for our children and continued the curriculum with same enthusiasm and fun by giving children virtual learning platform. This platform included social medias such as zoom application, WhatsApp and YouTube too.

Virtual teaching learning session on zoom were started, where our teachers made small groups of students through which children interacted enthusiastically. Timetable was made according to the classes focusing on the academics as well as the developmental skills of the children.

Different kinds of worksheets, activities and videos were sent on the WhatsApp group to which parents responded well. All the children were very happy and excited while doing those activities and worksheets. Feedback of every activity was taken in form of videos and photographs.

Till date we have been continuing with this type of teaching learning process. As we know the situation is getting more critical day by day which is affecting our children’s education the most. Considering this we have also started with the new academic year for our children. As we believe that learning should never stop in situation. We are so proud to say that we all together have made this situation a positive one for our parents and children, thus allowing them to learn more.

See the gallery below for a glimpse of some of the exercises we sent home to children during lock down. 



Acharya Shree Vijay Vallabh school was established in 1985, which has an profound history and background in the field of education. Acharya Shree Vijay Vallabh School, is inspired by the Maxim Motto "Faith in Knowledge" and abiding to invaluable core values that ultimately create a complete human being.

We aim at creating responsible future citizens who excel in different fields and become the torch bearers of modern India with universal values. A team of enthusiastic and experienced teachers go beyond the classrooms and teach lessons using Educomp Smart Class wherein students retain the knowledge for a longer period of time.

All this is only possible because of the complete guidance and support of our Chairman Shri Subhashji Parmar Sir and the whole Education Committee Members who are always on their fore front to helps and guide us to achieve great heights and make it the best learning environment for our students.

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Cloth Pasting

Activity - Cloth Pasting Skills – Creative development Aim – It helped them to bring out their creativity and give them different textures of cloth.

Matching Fruits

Activity - Match the same fruits Skills – Cognitive development Aim – Matching the identical fruits help in developing the thought process including remebering and focusing on the things.

Dough Play

Activity – Dough play Skills – Fine Motor Development Aim – It is a simple yet interesting activity which simultaneously improves their fine motor skills.

Button Placing

Activity – Button Placing Skills – Fine Motor Development Aim – Children were asked to place buttons on the patterns. It also improved their eye-hand co-ordination.

Sorting Grains

Activity – Sorting Of Grains Skills – Fine Motor Development Aim – Children were asked to segregate the grains from mixture and name them which helped them to identify various food grains.

Helping Parents

Activity – Helping Prents Skills – Social / Emotional Development Aim – To develop qualitative growth and development of a child. This activity encouraged children to help their parents in daily routine work.

Rolling thread

Activity – Rolling thread over an object Skills – Fine Motor Development Aim – To develop small muscle and eye-hand co-ordination. The more they play and explore, the more precise their movements will be.

Comparing Colours

Activity – Comparing Given Colour Skills – Cognitive Development Aim – To help children develop their skills or process and to progress towards logical thinking.

Finger Printing

Activity – Finger Print Skills – Creative Development Aim – Creative experiences help a child to develop these skills and enable them to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Jacinta Richard Manuel, Principal Pre-Primary. Educational background - Bcom, Diploma in Montessori Training With 32 years of work experience. HOD of Institute of Education and Career Development from 2007 till date Key skills - Excellent classroom manager with the ability to focus children's minds on the task at hand. Careful lesson planner with the skills to keep a record presentable and up to date. Ability to mentor newly qualified teachers and assist them with classroom duties. Ability to project a positive and creative learning environment for the students.


02.07.2020 13:49

Áine Ní

Wondeful how the children continued their education with a great mix of learning experiences both academic and holistic. And that the children were able to interact in such a positive way. Great Blog