Guiding and Continuing the work of an Non-Government Organisation during the challenging  time of Covid_19


Mr. Bakhtawar Singh

Founder Chairman

Care Foundation Emmanuel Public School

Pune, India.

12th September 2020


Mr Bakhtawar Singh and team on the anniversary of the founding of the school, which was founded in 2007.

The COVID Challenge.

COVID created a landscape of uncertainty, panic and a major challenge to decide on the direction forward. Do we allow this panic to make us feel helpless and surrender to the circumstances or exhibit the courage to create something radically new that is workable? We created calm and cool atmosphere, encouraged each other and believed in the 'Impending good' on the other side. With enhanced volumes of communication, reached out to the team members, parents and the children. Standing up to the challenge, created positivity all around. Stepping forward with a fighting spirit, innovative methods/ techniques to get into workmode.

Journey of our School through the Covid19 Pandemic March, 2020.

The adrenaline was rushing high, as students and teachers gearing up for the upcoming final exams! Excitement galore, question papers being set, some topics still to be covered; others, revision in full swing! At the same time, fear of the Covid19 looming over our heads, not knowing where this is going to lead. And then comes this final call - LOCKDOWN!!!

The excitement amongst the kids soared to the next level, but a completely different kind of excitement. They had an extended Summer break, with no exams to worry about. But what about the School Management and Staff? Could they enjoy this summer break? No way!!

The Covid19 Pandemic brought along with it, a lot of apprehensions, a lot of challenges, a very unpredictable future... As the lockdown kept on extending, the pressure kept on building up. Our Principal, along with a team of supporting staff, started strategizing on ways and means to connect with the students, and help them complete their course, and plan the following academic year. Teachers started preparing assignments and modules, which they thought, they could relay to the students online. But how? This was just the onset of the storm!!

June, 2020.

While all the privileged schools were ready with their E-schooling and online classes on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc, and the students ready with their laptops and tablets and broadband connections with supersonic speeds, our students were struggling to get themselves basic smartphones. As you must be aware, our students come from economically underprivileged homes. For them, having one smartphone at home is a luxury, leave alone a personal one for the child. But as the saying goes, 'Every cloud has a Silver lining', we managed to get some good Samaritans, who passed on their old smartphones, so that our students could start with their basic classes. Some of our students are still struggling to get one.

Inspite of all these drawbacks, the enthusiasm level of the teachers, the students and their supportive parents has not been hampered. Classwise WhatsApp groups have been formed, where the teachers are posting audio and video lectures, followed by notes and modules for the kids. The enthusiastic kids have been solving these modules and posting them back on the group for the teachers to check.

Some of the students have to wait until late in the evening, when their bread earner, the only family member who owns a phone, returns home after a long day at work. With the present scenario, it doesn't seem like the storm will settle soon.

The last few months have taught us to swim and tide over the waves. It's a long journey, and is definitely not going to be an easy one, but who ever said that success comes easy. There will be stones and potholes along the way, and sometimes, there will be no road at all. But if you have a spare wheel called Hope, an engine called Perseverance, a co-driver called Faith, and a driver called Determination, you will reach your destination successfully!

Care Foundation works towards empowerment of the underprivileged segment with its focus on the areas of EDUCATION and HEALTHCARE.

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Care Foundation Emmanuel Public School provides education and holistic care to children from preschool to second level classes.


13.09.2020 17:01

Deepti Malhotra

Way to go! The enthusiasm and undaunted attitude of the staff, teachers and students is really inspiring. Pls keep up the good work. Wishing you all the very best

13.09.2020 11:05

Ashok Kumar Dwivedi

I'm gladdened to know the progress Care Foundation Emmanuel School is making despite the significant challenges, human race worldwide, is grappling with during COVID-19 pandemic. Exemplary leadership!